Monday, 2 February 2009


Well today I had a go at a layout competition, nothing ventured nothing gained. Mine are crap compared to some, but hey you gotta be in it to win it. Sort of wished I had mounted the photos on a background colour to make them stand out more, but I quite like the finished article. This is my start of my second week of scrapbooking since giving it up. Many reasons, the main one being that I did it through creative M***ories not sure if I am allowed to say, and I found their layouts to be quite formal and boring. Then I discovered card making through Linda Higgins a Stampin up co-ordinator. I bought stuff and it sat in the cupboard until a few months later when from some reason my inspiration hit. I made card after card after card.

I had quite a build up of cards so decided it was time to sell some. I decided on a very reasonable price of $2.50 a card(£1) to you UKers and I took $1 for my bits and pieces and the rest I decided to donate to MS Society being a sufferer of this horrible disease. I think I have managed to raise approx $200 through doing this. I still enjoy card making and Linda's classes still give me inspiration. But for some reason in the last couple of weeks I decided to dig out my scrap booking.

In the next day or 2 I will post some of my first anal ones for you to laugh at LOL.


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