Saturday, 25 April 2009


Well I haven't really ever posted about life with me, so here goes.

My son Ashley has been in Navy training now for nearly 3 weeks, had nice chat with him last night. Seems to be doing ok. Hard work and pleny of Ironing LOL.

Ryan my eldest has just qualified as an Endoresed Enrolled Nurse and is currently looking for a job closer to home. He has an interview on Wed at the hospital I work at so fingers crossed, but his interview skills are practically non existing and his manner can sometimes come across as arrogant. He isnt really but he doesnt communticate to well with adults unless they are elderly. I am so proud of both my boys, who can ask for more from them. No drugs and aged 18 and 19.

Rebecca my youngest is 14 and dont i know it. Generally she is a good girl, not interested in boys, spends most of her time with her friend Rachel, in fact I think thay are siamese twins. But how nice to have such a good friend. She is doing very well at school and seems to thrive. Homework is a big issue, she doesnt do it. But still seems to scrape through with very good reports each year/term.

Its coming up to our being here for 4 years on 3rd May and we have no regrets about our move. We do miss family and friends but the lifestyle here more than makes up for it. Violence is much much less than UK, but is getting worse. We basically stepped back 10-15 years in time. My job is looking pretty darn safe and so is hubbies, we cant ask for more than that.

My MS has been a major issue since dx in Nov 07, but seems to be pretty stable. I get very stiff/numb/cold feet which is my biggest problem along with a major jaw issue which cause great discomfort. I take lots of meds to try and overcome it and also see a chiro (which I hate doing) The man is sooooo nice and very good. My jaw has been heaps better since seeing him on Wed, so heres hoping. I have just had molds taken to have a mouth guard made to hold my jaw in the correct position at night and to stop me grinding (if i do). I wish I didnt have it, its so dabiliating sometimes and people dont realise cause you look good and seem fine. So I am going to say this once 'why me'.

Hey you know this is good to get out what you feel LOL. Feeling better already.



  1. That's what I worry about with my boys (and Jess). I hope they never take drugs and can make me as proud of them as you are of your kids.

    I'm amazed at how well you cope with the MS. My Mum has something similar - Sjogrens syndrome which took the docs about 8 years to come up with a diagnosis and it's so hard seeing her struggle to do everyday things.

  2. Thanks Jo, sometimes I just like to write it out there, most people dont know me so you dont get judged. Drugs was always my biggest fear, and Ashley was such a worry, he got into a group of dodgey friends and you just cant stop them at their age. Police brought him home a couple of times, twice in hospital with alcohol poisoning almost. Lucky he didnt get a record or he would be where he was today. He does smoke though but I try and over look that after all I did for a few years (til 24). They will be what they will be, all you can do is guide them.