Saturday, 23 May 2009

Its Been a while

Its been a while since I last posted, 2 reasons,

1 My mojo left me for a while.......

2 My health hasnt been so crash hot, I was back in hospital with a flare of MS and it really hit me over this time. I managed to work but that was about all. I did however spend some time wisely whilst lounging on the the lounge by stamping and cutting out embelishments. Hubbby was none to chuffed with the bits of paper all over the place LOL.

Now people have said to me, why are you working when you feel so rough, but MS is like that, and life has to go on and if this week has shown me one thing, its that as long as you pace yourself you will get through and even though I had to work full time this week due to job share on holiday, I actually feel much better than Monday. So there you go, sitting at home with my feet up wont make it recover, time does.

I have been a bit more creative this weekend (althoug I couple I am not sure about) and I have made some cards today at a stampin up card party and I am so glad I went. In fact I made a couple more cause my son knicked one for a birthday tonight LOL and one of the designs was a very nice male card which are so hard.

So tomorrow I will photograph them and upload the light is bad tonight and my camera skills are shocking LOL.


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