Sunday, 29 November 2009

Encouraging news

Life has had a few ups and downs at the moment. One thing to be truly grateful for is my wonderful hubby who takes a beating from me all the time LOL. (Not literally), he has discovered a love of being Jamie Oliver which I am encouraging as much is humanly possible so I dont have to cook. My kids are great and I am thankful that I dont have the worries that so many of my friends do. Ashley my middle son at 18 is the only one that causes me some worries but thats me not him. He is in the navy and doing very well studying hard, drinking hard and smoking like a chimney, a typical navy man. Ryan my eldest at very nearly 20 is a nurse and doesnt drink much and doesnt smoke, is considerate but very messy......My little girl who turned 15 last week is no trouble at all and sometimes that worries me, she doesnt go out at night but hangs out with her best friend all the time. I know silly for being worried about nothing eh.

Me i am weathering along at the moment, new MRI has revealed another lesion on my spine, but no new ones in the brain. Bit pissed but then thats life. I have been reading about a new procedure to do with blocked drainage veins in the neck, which when unblocked have given significant relief to MS sufferers, and the italian doc doing the research (who has a wife with MS), has been very excited about the results and after testing all the patients at the hosiptal with neurological problems including MS only the MS pts had these blockages and 100% of them at that. To many to be coincidence. He also followed up with testing of many more too. I have decided to go to my GP next week and see if he can get me the ultrasound of my neck to see if the veins are blocked at least, before my appt with my neuro. Australia seems to be a bit behind on new procedures and as America has only just started considering this, I fancy it could be a while til it reaches our shores. So If I have to I will pay for the ultrasound to see.

The weather is very hot at the moment and I have even been in the pool a couple of times woo hoo. Well thats my info for now, sometimes I like to write it down as I dont like to burden my thoughts on the people around me and most aren't interested anyway. Sometimes its very lonely in my little world.


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  1. That does sound encouraging Jo and as you said 100% can't just be coincidence. I hope your doc can help you and you can follow this up xxx