Friday, 7 May 2010

Life returns to normal

Well I am back from my trip and life is beginning to return to normal. I do however need a holiday to recover from my holiday LOL. It was a difficult trip for lots of reasons. One of my best friends from school died before I got to visit her and my only saving grace was that I was able to attend the funeral. It makes you realise that life is so short and not to put off tomorrow what you could have done today.

It was nice to visit family and friends and I had good laugh along the way. Its the year of the 40s for most of my school friends. I hit my target just before flying and had a lovely PJ party. I got to got to another best friends 40th while in UK which was ace.

Of course only I could have had a volcanic ash storm delay my flight. We were exceptionally lucky and managed to get one of the first flights going back to Australia on the Wed when the airports reopen. I have to take strong medication to be able to fly (scared silly) and was a bit worried about going through the ash but I was fine, I think I was just glad to be going 'home'. Australia is now my home and will remain so.


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